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Sherwesh Bajracharya

Selected Scandals

Various user interface elements designed for Trioxis

Trioxis is humanising software development

I translated Trioxis’ visual identity into a UI Kit. I designed a suite of UI elements, typography and colour scheme as part of the kit. Trioxis then rebuilt their website using the elements of the kit.

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A corner of an unfolded flyer with the Digital Bamboo logo printed on it

Digital Bamboo is Giving Indonesian Craftspeople A Fighting Chance

The logo for Digital BambooA flyer used to promote Digital Bamboo's Sydney exhibitionA poster documenting one of the works produced in the Digital Bamboo program

Digital Bamboo was an experiment in imagining how the local bamboo industry in Bandung, Indonesia could be revitalized through the use of digital fabrication technologies. I designed the Digital Bamboo visual identity and printed material such as exhibition posters and marketing flyers. Digital Bamboo was a joint venture by the University of New South Wales and The Institute of Technology Bandung.

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A woman's hand holding an iPhone running the Aree app

Aree is the AI Job Hunter You’ve Been Waiting For

I designed Aree’s UI, performed UX testing, research and design and developed its front end. I used Intercom to gauge the user experience, as well as interviewing users in person. I used the data gained to design UX strategies. Aree relied heavily on Material UI for its UI components. Unfortunately, Aree is no longer in development.

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A woman's hand holding an iPhone running the OurLoop app

OurLoop is Helping Schizophrenics Help Themselves

I performed a UX audit on Monsenso’s app, OurLoop. I conducted in-person user tests & interviews. Based on their results I compiled a comprehensive audit report. In the report I shed light on ways Monsenso could address a number of major design flaws that the user tests revealed through the principle of affordances, better onboarding and relevant user feedback in contexts such as empty states.

iOS App Store
A logo spelling out the word Nepal

Imagining A National Identity for Nepal

Two posters advertising significant Nepalese natural landmarksFront and back of a letterhead for the imagined visual identity

I designed what a national visual identity for Nepal may look like. The primary colours are the colours of the Nepalese flag. The landmarks on the posters are the renowned Lake Gokyo and Mount Everest. Other marketing materials designed include business cards and letterheads.

A MacBook displaying Hummingbird Insight's website

Hummingbird Insight is Changing the Market Research Game

I designed then built Hummingbird Insight's website using React. The website uses Prismic CMS to store and render articles and resources.The site is rendered as a static snapshot using react-snapshot and deployed via Firebase. I use Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool for front-end optimisation, monitor SEO through Search Console and Sprout SEO and test for standards and accessibility compliance using W3C and WebAIM’s provided tools.

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A MacBook displaying a column graph

Pop Quiz: What’s the Happiest Country on Earth?

Curious about the meaning of 'wellbeing', I created an interactive data visualisation from global wellbeing data published by the OECD. The visualisation was created with Processing.

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A bus stop displaying an advertisement poster for Welcome Back Day

Welcoming UNSW Students Back For Semester Two

A laptop displaying the welcome back day facebook pageThree welcome back day postcards lined up on a flat surface

An annual UNSW event marking the start of semester 2, in 2015 the theme was 'out of this world'. It inspired me to design an anthropomorphic science fiction vision for the event. Marketing materials designed include postcards, posters, digital displays, social media and print ads.

A man's hand holding a digital compass made of cardboard and an LED ring

This Compass Will Lead You Wherever You Want To Go

I designed and built a digital compass using Arduino. Utilising GPS, the compass can point the user in the direction of any destination on earth that is passed to it.

My reading list

Titilating Titles

Triumphs of Experience

George E. Valiant

The Glass Castle

Jeanette Walls

Don't Make Me Think

Steve Krug

Waking Up

Sam Harris

The Design Method

Eric Karjaluoto

Economics: A User's Guide

Ha-Joon Chang

Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman

Designing With The Mind In Mind

Jeff Johnson

How can I help you?

Have you ever thought designers & developers would benefit from greater appreciation of each other’s art?

Or that both would benefit from greater empathy towards user experience?

If you have - I agree with you. Humans are a mix of rational, emotional, empathetic and social. It’s wonderful that society and our industry is beginning to understand that. We’re beginning to understand that creating great experiences demands a holistic approach combining design, development and people.

In response to this, what I do is practice a holistic approach. I refuse to confine myself to a single discipline - I am equal parts visual designer, ux designer and developer. In short - creating experiences comes first, tools and methodologies come second.

In fact, I’ve successfully played a multidisciplinary role on multiple projects: from Aree, an AI powered recruitment app to a website for a market research agency, Hummingbird Insight. The results have been superior user engagement and experience as well as countless favourable impressions for the respective brands.

I’m currently available for a short window of time to work freelance, contract and/or part-time. Get in touch:

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